Dave Hebeda Discusses the Best Muskie Fishing Spots

Besides working a successful corporate career and spending time with his loving family, Dave Hebeda is an avid Muskie fisherman who loves spending his time on the water looking for the next bite.

In order to help share his passion for Muskie fishing, Dave Hebeda is here to talk about some of the best Muskie fishing locations in the United States. Dave Hebeda has done his research on Muskie fishing and he has found that these are the best places in the country to catch world-class Muskie.

So without further ado, here’s a little bit about the best Muskie fishing spots in the nation according to Dave Hebeda:

Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota
Located in central Minnesota, Mille Lacs Lake is 132,000 acres of excellent Muskie fishing. With a maximum depth of 42 feet, this body of water provides the a great opportunity to catch a 50-pound Muskie in Minnesota. The best Muskie fishing on Mille Lacs Lake is in the late fall when the water temperature is in the 40s.

Green Bay, Wisconsin
The Muskies in Green Bay are massive, reaching upwards of 50 inches and 50 pounds. The catch and release nature of Green Bay makes for an excellent breeding ground for these beautiful fish. Late fall is again the prime time for Muskie fishing here. The lower bay hold muskies as shad move in, and deeper water and sharp breaks on the main bay make for some great fishing as well.

Lake St. Claire, Michigan
Some say Lake St. Claire is the most amazing Muskie fishery on the planet. With 420 square miles of water, this location is known for its bountiful amount of Muskie, so it is known as the best location for anglers seeking large numbers of Muskie during their fishing outing.

St. Lawrence River, New York
There are monster Muskie on the Lawrence River in upstate New York. In peak conditions in the fall, Muskies in the 60-pound range (allegedly) have been caught on the Lawrence River, making this a fishery of folk lore in Muskie fishing circles.